Hello Santa Cruz Shades!

We're delighted to announce that you can now Buy Santa Cruz Online at Aviator Shades!

The Santa Cruz Brand was born out of Northern California in 1973 beginning its life as a skate board deck company, during this period skateboarding was experiencing a massive resurgence in the USA following a period of obscurity since its conception in the early sixties.

The products are high end, well engineered and sought after, and many well known boardsports athletes have put their name to the construction and design of the boards Santa Cruz produced.

This natural evolution and strong heritage has bought about the conception of other product categories such as a designated Apparel range which is designed to encompass the whole boardsports lifestyle movement and emulate the feeling and soul of the Santa Cruz brand.

Now 35 years old the Santa Cruz brand has not stopped there and will continue to spread the gospel to all you hardcore boardsports enthusiasts, wherever you are on the globe. Just don't tell everyone…

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